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Some comments from the leaked Win sauce. Unaltered.
../w32/ntgdi/fondrv/tt/ttfd/fdfc.c:// apple logo which is not allowed in msft fonts.
../dlc/llcmem.c:// damn! Miscalculated pool usage
../w32/ntgdi/printers/msplot/plotter/enable.c:// fill in the graphics capabilities flags--can't do a damn thing
../w32/ntgdi/gre/fontmap.cxx:// Device font, but the match better be a damn good one!
../w32/ntuser/client/mdiwin.c:// NO -- no bit overloading, damn it. FritzS
../w32/ntuser/client/btnctl.c:// CTLCOLOR_BTN actually set up the damned button colors.
../boot/lib/fatboot.c:// As a safety net we'll flush any dirty fats that we might have cached before...
../ndis/elnk3/receive.c:// to make sure that the fifo is not fucked up...
../ndis/elnk3/receive.c:// It's fucked up. Reset the receiver.
../tdi/tcpip/tcp/tcpsend.c:// STUPID FUCKING COMPILER generates incorrect code for this.
../fastfat/allocsup.c:// God knows what state we left the disk allocation in.
../dd/histgram/cmd/perfhist/perfhist.c:// the heck? we are gods anyways!
../nthals/halntp/mips/xxinitnt.c:// to the HAL by the NT god. Hail Caesar!
../nthals/halsable/alpha/addrsup.c:// OH MY GOD! We didn't get any BusData. Default to 0.
../w32/ntgdi/client/dcquery.c:// if cjotma == 0, this is HONEST to God unicode font, can not convert
../w32/ntgdi/fondrv/tt/ttfd/fontfile.h:// honest to God msft unicode font
../w32/ntgdi/fondrv/tt/ttfd/tt.h:// uint16 reservedPad; // only God knows why
../se/ctlpcqos.c:// Appease the compiler Gods..
../video/mga_mil/mga.c:// The SXCI Gods say there won't be any need to update...
../cntfs/flush.c:// Add the hack-o-ramma to fix formats.
../cntfs/vattrsup.c:// ****TEMP**** This hack is awaiting our actually doing this change
../cntfs/create.c:// Here is the "M A R K [REDACTED]" hack from hell.
../fastfat/dsmount.c:// This program is a hack until we have a proper GUI interface for mounting
../fastfat/fileinfo.c:// first cluster in the Dirent in order to support a server hack.
../fastfat/strucsup.c://**** include this file for our quick hacked quota check in NtfsFreePagedPool
../fw/alpha/fwload.c:// standalone images, as a temporary hack the firmware will load both
../fw/alpha/monitor.c:// This is a hack to treat the structure as an array.
../fw/alpha/jxdisp.c:// HACKHACK: These addresses should be #define'd.
../fw/alpha/kbdtest.c:// HACKHACK: This should be made smarter. For now it assumes...
../fw/alpha/jxconfig.c:// configuration area. This is a Hack, should be replaced by...
../fw/alpha/rom.c:// Hackhack: At some point change this to eliminate the division.
../fw/alpha/rom.c:// Hack: I should eliminate the integer division.
../ex/tlock.c:// talk about a hack...
../afd/disconn.c:// Hack-O-Rama. TDI has a fundamental flaw in that it is often impossible
../afd/disconn.c:// Yet another hack to keep it from crashing
../afd/disconn.c:// Accounts for the reference hack above (VadimE)
../dd/digibrd/setupdll/dgconfig.c:// OutputDebugString( "lpLineObject == NULL!!!!!!!!! - shit -\n" );
../dd/histgram/cmd/cdbench/cdbench.c:// oops - printf doesn't know shit about %f when you link ntdll.lib <sigh>
../rtl/gentable.c:// is assumed that the deallocation is rather stupid.
../fastfat/read.c:// Deal with stupid people who open the volume DASD with
../nbt/nt/ntisol.c:// pass down an Irp with no MDL in it!! - stupid but true
../ndis/madge/driver/request.c:// options at the moment since we are too stupid to make use of
../afd/recvdg.c:// Bomb off if the user is trying to do something stupid, like
../cntfs/indexsup.c:// a terrible sequential scan of the entire directory. It should never,
../fastfat/namesup.c:// If we didn't find the Dirent, something is terribly wrong.
../tdi/isn/spx/spxmem.c:// Something is terribly awry.
../tdi/nbf/sendeng.c:// Blow away this connection; a failed send is a terrible thing to waste.
../dlc/llcsend.c:// been acquired. But nothing terrible can happen: in the worst case
../w32/ntgdi/displays/mga/ddraw.c:// performance will be terrible -- slower than if the surface had
../w32/ntgdi/gre/pdevobj.cxx:// Set that not-terribly-well documented text flag:
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hashin commented Nov 24, 2016

This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

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royge commented Nov 24, 2016


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