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From InkScape to DXF

From InkScape to DXF

1. Save in Inkscape as PDF

Draft your design in InkScape. If there's any text, convert it to a path before or during exporting (Path → Object to Path).

Save as PDF (tested PDF v1.5).

2. Convert PDF to DXF

pstoedit -f "dxf: -ctl -mm" shape.pdf shape.dxf

Install the tool using

sudo apt install pstoedit


yum install pstoedit

3. Import into FreeCAD

Tested with FreeCAD 0.16.

Use the "legacy Python importer" (check this under Preferences → Import-Export → DXF).

4. Import into LibreCAD

Tested with version 2.1.2.

Use File → Import → Block and select the DXF file.

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