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Vim functionality in Atom
Action Key Package Notes
Jump to previous cursor position alt-- last-cursor-position
Jump to next cursor position alt-_ last-cursor-position
Jump to previous edit ctrl-i goto-last-edit
Jump to next edit ctrl-alt-i goto-last-edit
Align selection ctrl-cmd-/ aligner
Jump to matching block ctrl-g b ruby-block Not working
Grep in current project ctrl-alt-g fuzzy-grep Defaults to Ag
Jump to file at point cmd-r goto
Jump to definition at point alt-cmd-enter goto-definition
Jump to symbol declaration at point alt-cmd-down goto
Jump to project symbol at point shift-cmd-r goto
Multi cursor up alt-up multi-cursor
Multi cursor down alt-down multi-cursor
Ex mode : ex-mode

Atom's core vim-mode functionality is deprecated, the package can be installed but it throws occasional errors. It has been replaced by vim-mode-plus, which seems to lack c-i-( and family. This kills my workflow, can it be fixed with a keymap, or ported from vim-mode?

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