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Setting a default color scheme (tint) for Riot on your account

Caution: This requires some amount of technical knowledge about how matrix/riot works.

For reference, the original grey color scheme in Riot had a primary color of #595959 and a secondary color of #ececec

  1. Open the developer tools by typing /devtools
  2. Click the "Explore Account Data" button
  3. Click the "im.vector.web.settings" button (if you don't have this button, use the instructions below instead)
  4. Click "Edit"
  5. Edit the JSON to include this data structure, replacing the color values as desired (these ones are not a good choice):
    "roomColor": {
        "primary_color": "#6587AA",
        "secondary_color": "#EF507B"
  6. Click "Send"
  7. Close the developer tools

If you don't have the im.vector.web.settings button described above then:

  1. Click "back" to get back to the first page
  2. Click "Send Account Data"
  3. For the Event Type, type im.vector.web.settings
  4. For the content use this (replacing the color values as desired):
        "roomColor": {
            "primary_color": "#6587AA",
            "secondary_color": "#EF507B"
  5. Click "Send"
  6. Close the developer tools

Please visit for more information about Granular Settings.

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