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Custom AWS SSM-based device profile persistor implementation for the Ionic Python SDK
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import division, print_function
import json
import os
import boto3
import ionicsdk
# From:
import custom_persistors as custom_persistors
class ParameterStorePersistor(custom_persistors.DeviceProfilePersistorBase):
Store profiles in a subpath of AWS param store.
Tag filters should be a list of objects of the following form
"Key": "string",
"Values": [ "string" ]
Example usage
from cloud_persistors import ParameterStorePersistor
from custom_persistors import Agent
# Load profiles from paramstore
aa = Agent(None, ParameterStorePersistor("/ionic/auth/timothy/devdot", [{"Key": "Type", "Values": ["IonicProfile"]}]), True)
def __init__(self, prefix="/", tag_filters=None):
Prefix is the prefix to search under.
Tags are the set of tags marking SEPs.
self.prefix = prefix
self.tag_filters = tag_filters or []
def loadprofiles(self, rename_imported_profiles=True, *args, **kwargs):
Load profiles from a path on paramstore.
If `rename_imported_profiles` is True (the default), profiles will be renamed based on their source.
ssm_client = boto3.client('ssm')
# Assumes all values are encrypted purposefully so that if the user tries to use this with non-encrypted
# parameters they will receive an error
raw_params = []
if self.tag_filters:
# We would prefer to use 'get_parameters' here, but that API does not support filtering by tag.
parameter_filters = []
if self.tag_filters:
for filter_tag in self.tag_filters:
Key="tag:%s" % (filter_tag["Key"]),
for pp in ssm_client.describe_parameters(ParameterFilters=parameter_filters)['Parameters']:
raw_params.append(ssm_client.get_parameter(Name=pp['Name'], WithDecryption=True)["Parameter"])
# We don't need tag filtering; use the simpler api
raw_params = ssm_client.get_parameters_by_path(Path=self.prefix, WithDecryption=True, Recursive=True)['Parameters']
loaded_profiles = []
for raw_param in raw_params:
ps_path = raw_param['Name']
dp = custom_persistors.load_from_dict(json.loads(raw_param["Value"]))
if rename_imported_profiles:
# Update profile's name to the path on paramstore where it was fetched from = ps_path
return loaded_profiles
def saveprofiles(self, profiles, *args, **kwargs):
We could implement this using this API:
But it would require that
* the application has write permission to SSM
* there is not usually a good reason for applications to change their credentials while they are running
* this is generally the domain of a separate administrative process
* the user knows the KMS key to use for encryption and can supply that here
* makes the API kind of complicated
* the user hasn't set any weird names for parameters
* otherwise the parameters will be written all over their paramstore heirarchy, or writes may fail entirely
For these reasons, we leave this unimplemented.
raise NotImplementedError()
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