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Last active Jan 1, 2016
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# ~/.ssh/config
# convenient SSH/SCP settings for the SailfishOS SDK
# examples:
# ssh jolla
# ssh sailfish
# ssh root@sailfish
# ssh mersdk
# ssh root@mersdk
Host jolla
Hostname # update the IP address of the phone here
IdentityFile ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/SailfishOS_Device/nemo
User nemo
Host sailfish
Hostname localhost
Port 2223
IdentityFile ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/SailfishOS_Emulator/nemo
IdentityFile ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/SailfishOS_Emulator/root
User nemo
Host mersdk
Hostname localhost
Port 2222
IdentityFile ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/mersdk
IdentityFile ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/root
User mersdk
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