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exist contributions

sync develop branch with upstream by rebasing

git checkout develop
git fetch upstream develop
git rebase upstream/develop

check log to confirm commits correspond with the ones for exist/develop

git log

create new branch based on develop

git checkout -b bugfix/foo-bar-issue-number-1960-develop develop

cherry pick commits relevant for PR

git cherry-pick c29a477a8059f6ee34bef6d6f756b34ae872b2cc cefafa5cf97cd0e2f95f5fbf490a327e0723f2ed

check log again, if all ok force push to origin

git push -f origin bugfix/foo-bar-issue-number-1960-develop

Proceed with PR via GitHub browser interface. Make sure that PR addressess adequate upstream branch (develop in the example above).

Repeat for 4.x.x and 5.0.0 creating corresponding branches when backports are required

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