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Created September 23, 2015 11:36
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Decrypting Jenkins Password
#To Decrypt Jenkins Password from credentials.xml
#go to the jenkins url
#In the console paste the script
passwd = hudson.util.Secret.decrypt(hashed_pw)
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hughsaunders commented Jan 8, 2018

You can also find the encrypted key by inspecting the default value in the credentials update form.

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How to decrypt credentials stored as a secret file?

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egr-ext commented Mar 9, 2018

@vijayg92 have you find a solution for a secret file stored in credentials.xml ?

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@vijayg92 , @egr-ext
I use the code that I've posted before.

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remember that this needs the "="




String key = "tmdHc/YjAIu1O/XxwnyLTjgHIK1h95JwpskSy23Khj5="
def secret = hudson.util.Secret.fromString(key)

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@vijayg92 , @egr-ext This works for me:

println(new String(com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.SecretBytes.fromString("{....}").getPlainData(), "ASCII"))

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TheFluo commented Aug 24, 2023

Hello, if you don't have acces to the console ... to verify for example the LDAP password that was encrypted ... how do you decrypt the generated password in the config.xml for the LDAP ?

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