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Created Oct 10, 2019
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Hack to make st.echo show a checkbox to toggle code display. See
import streamlit as st
import traceback
class opt_echo:
"""Replacement for st.echo that includes a checkbox saying "show code".
>>> with opt_echo():
... a = 1337
def __init__(self):
self.checkbox = st.checkbox("show code")
# This is a mega-hack!
# And it's also not thread-safe. Don't use this if you have threaded
# code that depends on traceback.extract_stack
self.orig_extract_stack = traceback.extract_stack
if self.checkbox:
traceback.extract_stack = lambda: self.orig_extract_stack()[:-2]
self.echo = st.echo()
def __enter__(self):
if self.checkbox:
return self.echo.__enter__()
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
if self.checkbox:
self.echo.__exit__(type, value, traceback)
# For some reason I need to import this again.
import traceback
traceback.extract_stack = self.orig_extract_stack
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