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Run Docker containers via Kubernetes (in progress)


Install Virtualbox -

Install Kubectl -

Install Minikube -

Set ENV -

kubectl get pods

kubectl logs skeleton-server-6597748cc5-fxzhl -p

kubectl describe po skeleton-server-6597748cc5-fxzhl

kubectl get nodes

kubectl get svc

delete all pods

kubectl delete --all pods --namespace=default

delete all deployments

kubectl delete --all deployments --namespace=default

delete all services

kubectl delete --all services --namespace=default

Get minikube ip - minikube ip

Build compose image - docker-compose build

kubectl run skeleton-server --image=skeletonserver_app-server:latest --image-pull-policy=Never --port=8085 --env="NODEJS_PORT=8085" --env="NODE_ENV=development" --env="NODEJS_IP="

kubectl expose deployment skeleton-server --type=LoadBalancer --name=skeleton-service --port=9100 --target-port=8085

kubectl describe services skeleton-service

kubectl get service skeleton-service


Port Forwarding (optional)

kubectl port-forward skeleton-server-7ddcd8449c-fdtx6 9100:9000

User Interface

kubectl proxy http://localhost:8001/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/kubernetes-dashboard/proxy

Docker Registry

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