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Created Apr 28, 2015
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data Spine a
= NS (NS a a (a,a,a))
| AS (AS a a a)
deriving (Show)
-- non-adjacent spine: list of increasing size trees, with no two trees of adjacent index
data NS a b c
= Nil
| NMore (NS a c (a,b,c))
| NCons b (NS a (a,b,c) (a,c,(a,b,c)))
deriving (Show)
-- adjacent spine: two trees of adjacent index, plus a non-adjacent tail
data AS a b c
= ACons b c (NS a (a,c,(a,b,c)) (a,(a,b,c),(a,c,(a,b,c))))
| AMore (AS a c (a,b,c))
deriving (Show)
nil :: Spine a
nil = NS Nil
cons :: a -> Spine a -> Spine a
cons x (NS xs) = cons1 x xs
cons x (AS xs) = consA NS (AS . AMore) x xs
cons1 :: a -> NS a a (a,a,a) -> Spine a
cons1 x Nil = NS (NCons x Nil)
cons1 x (NMore xs) = cons2 NS (AS . AMore) x xs
cons1 x (NCons ys zs) = AS (ACons x ys zs)
consA :: (NS a c (a,b,c) -> r)
-> (AS a c (a,b,c) -> r)
-> a -> AS a b c -> r
consA f g x (ACons xs ys zs) = cons2 (f . NMore) (g . AMore) (x,xs,ys) zs
consA f g x (AMore xs) = consA (f . NMore) (g . AMore) x xs
cons2 :: (NS a b c -> r)
-> (AS a b c -> r)
-> b -> NS a c (a,b,c) -> r
cons2 f _ x Nil = f (NCons x Nil)
cons2 f _ x (NMore xs) = f (NCons x xs)
cons2 _ g x (NCons ys zs) = g (ACons x ys zs)
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