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⌨️ probably clacking

Tim Whidden twhid

⌨️ probably clacking
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twhid / app.ts
Last active Feb 19, 2021
Start Next.js if behind passenger
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// I found bad advice online on how to use Next.js behind passenger
// yarn start or npm start won't work. This file is derived from the code that runs when you
// run the yarn start command. Tested only in my particular setup where the file is required
// to be called app.js. This file is TS, so you'll need to transpile to JS in your build,
// eg change package json build script to (you'll need a tsconfig.server.json file):
// "build": "next build && tsc --project ./tsconfig.server.json",
import http from 'http';
import next from 'next';
twhid /
Last active Dec 17, 2020
minimal typescript/TSX React SSR Express example

minimal typescript/TSX React SSR Express example

To run locally..

ts-node needs to be installed. You'll also need to install express, react, and react-dom.

  1. Make tsConfig.json a sibling to server.tsx
  2. run like so $ NODE_PORT=8888 ts-node server.tsx
  3. open http://localhost:8888/ in a browser.
twhid / getBabelOptions.js
Last active Mar 27, 2018
Set inlineRequires to false
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// relay/scripts/getBabelOptions.js
const fbjsPreset = require('babel-preset-fbjs/configure')({
autoImport: options.autoImport || false,
objectAssign: false,
inlineRequires: false, // <-- FALSE!
stripDEV: options.env === 'production'
twhid / showmethesrcs.js
Last active Jun 15, 2017
One-liner return an array of script srcs based on a regex (eg a domain). Handy to use in Chrome's console.
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[]'script')).filter(script => / => script.src);
twhid /
Last active Sep 22, 2016
jest webstorm config
# To run and debug jest tests using webstorm's configurations
# create a new Node.js configuration and configure it this way:
Node interpreter: /path/to/bin/node
Working Directory: /path/to/project
Javascript file: ./node_modules/.bin/jest
Application parameters: -i # ensures all tests run in 1 process
View ampersand-router.js
const Router = new AmpersandRouter({
// define all of the routes in our application.
// AmpersandRouter will invoke the method named when a route is
// matched on either page load or a browser back/forward click
routes: {
'/my/order/receipt/:orderId': 'loadReceipt'
'/my/order/:orderId': 'loadOrder',
'/my/orders': 'loadOrders',
initialize(options) {
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function (state = {}, action) {
switch (action.type) {
return {
pageType: 'orders',
orderId: null
case 'VIEW_ORDER':
return {
twhid /
Last active May 24, 2016
bash script to build docker images of node apps via jenkins jobs. Requires jq and the Jenkins GitHub plugin.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# AWS domain
# Set CI_TEST to true to exit the script before build commences.
# Defaults for testing (variables supplied by Jenkins when in that environment).
View image-contracts-v3.js
// NOTE* The notations below assume that there is only 1 size per image, ie. new dynamically sized images are already working :
// POST a new image :
// soa/inventory-3/2/image
// payload : multi part form-data
// return value :
id : '123',
original : '/path/to/original.jpeg',
master : '/path/to/master.jpeg',
twhid / resolveModuleDirPath.js
Created Jun 11, 2015
One-liner to resolve the directory path of a module using the built-in Node.js algorithm
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var moduleDir = require.resolve('module/package').replace('package.json', '');