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Created June 13, 2024 22:36 — forked from scyto/
setting up the ceph cluster


Note this should only be done once you are sure you have reliable TB mesh network.

this is because proxmox UI seems fragile wrt to changing underlying network after configuration of ceph.

All installation done via command line due to gui not understanding the mesh network

This setup doesn't attempt to seperate the ceph public network and ceph cluster network (not same as proxmox clutser network), The goal is to get an easy working setup.

this gist is part of this series

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Last active June 5, 2024 05:15
Fixing filesystem errors after a power outage

Fixing filesystem errors and reboot of Proxmox after a blackout


Invest in a UPS. Having one allows you to gracefully power down devices and prevents stuff like this from happening.

The error:

I received this error:

wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc2

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Last active May 24, 2024 03:12
capture clipboard

Use case for this

I am trying to stop the headache of copying an affiliate link to the clipboard as a markdown formatted link, with some text appended to it in espanso.

I've spent wayyyyy too much time fiddling with this, trying to understand what pyperclip actually does because the logic of how it works is illogical when you consider what copy and paste actually mean/do.

Fortunately, I think I can accomplish this with Raycast or Arc Browser's Copy Markdown Link. Or a plethora of browser extensions.

Still, was a fun exercise.

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Created May 1, 2024 02:42 — forked from justlaputa/
How to unstar all your github starred repos
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Last active May 1, 2024 02:49
Migrate certain repos to Gitea

This script is a work in progress

I found this script on an article at DEV. It's perfect for what I want to do... for the most part.

My specific use case is paring down extraneous GitHub repos by exporting and then importing them to my Gitea server however I don't want all of my repos imported and then deleted, just some.

So the script will be updated as I rummage through the GitHub REST API to figure out the appropriate endpoint for my use case.


How to update IP addressing on a Proxmox Cluster

When you change something in your network configuration, rather than its the gateway or the IP addressing, you may come under serious troubleshooting on your Proxmox Cluster, so this document will guide you into the necessary steps needed to update your network settings on Proxmox.

Note : You must follow these steps on every single node of your cluster to let it able to handle the synchronization between each node once.

So firstly, you will need to change the network interface configuration of the system; it is preferable for you to set a static IP:

twhite96 / gist:7e8a9edae449c52fc0313c393daf415c
Created March 19, 2024 05:23 — forked from netsensei/gist:7c71b3215bbf440746151aafc4cfd84f
Setting up a PI-Hole FTL DNS on a local network

Setuping PI-Hole FTL DNS on a local network

pihole comes with it's own lightweight DNS server called FTL. It's geared towards easy of use. Even so, setting up this feature can be hard. Here are some lessons I've learned.

In this example:

  • Your network is setup on
  • is your DHCP server and IP gateway. (usually your router)
  • is the host running pi-hole
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Created February 21, 2024 01:26 — forked from triangletodd/
k3s in LXC on Proxmox

On the host

Ensure these modules are loaded

cat /proc/sys/net/bridge/bridge-nf-call-iptables

Disable swap

sysctl vm.swappiness=0
swapoff -a
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Created February 15, 2024 22:34 — forked from mturilin/
Converst TextExpander csv to espanso yaml
import yaml
import sys
import csv
# create root yaml
matches = []
# open file
import argparse
import glob
import plistlib
import re
from os import path, mkdir
import yaml