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Bayesian Neural Network in PyMC3
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really nice!

jonsedar commented Mar 4, 2016

Very nice! I have to brush up on my ANNs... Also seems something excellently subversive about using theano via PyMC3 to 'beat' theano at it's own game

usptact commented May 9, 2016

Coming from requentist camp, it is great to see the estimated parameter uncertainties 👍

usptact commented May 9, 2016

@twiecki I guess "import matplotlib.pyplot as plt" is missing in the import section.

Riashat commented Jul 17, 2016

@twiecki Do you have any examples of using BNNs in pymc3 on regression tasks? I want to compare the uncertainty estimates of BNN with that of a GP

mindey commented Sep 24, 2016

Super! :)


naripok commented Dec 15, 2017

You rock!

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