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moyuanhuang / .vimrc
Last active Sep 3, 2018
Define vim terminal emulator's color scheme
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" Add this in your ~/.vimrc
" The corresponding color matching is
" let g:terminal_ansi_colors = [
" \ '@guibase02', '@guired', '@guigreen', '@guiyellow',
" \ '@guiblue', '@guimagenta', '@guicyan', '@guibase2',
" \ '@guibase03', '@guiorange', '@guibase01', '@guibase00',
" \ '@guibase0', '@guiviolet', '@guibase1', '@guibase3'
" \]
" set the vim's terminal emulator color scheme
jonchurch / prefs.js
Last active Dec 25, 2019
Dracula theme for Chrome Secure Shell, for all of us using crouton!
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// Paste this whole file into your Chrome Secure Shell window's inspect console, and run it!
term_.prefs_.set('enable-bold', false)
term_.prefs_.set('background-color', "#282a36");
term_.prefs_.set('foreground-color', "#f8f8f2");
term_.prefs_.set('color-palette-overrides', [
yukioc / macrounit.c
Created Nov 16, 2009
C unit testing framework
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#ifndef __macrounit_h__
#define __macrounit_h__
#define mu_prn_failed(file,line,expr) printf( "%s:%u: failed assertion `%s'\n",file,line,expr)
#define mu_prn_test(test,passed) printf( " Test: %s ... %s\n",test,(passed)?"passed":"FAILED")
#define mu_prn_suite(suite) printf( "Suite: %s\n",suite)
#define mu_assert(file,line,expr) do { ++mu_asserts; if (!(expr)) { ++mu_failures; mu_prn_failed(file,line,#expr); }} while (0)
#define MU_ASSERT(expr) mu_assert(__FILE__,__LINE__,expr)
#define mu_run_test(test) do { int f=mu_failures; ++mu_tests; test(); mu_prn_test(#test,(f==mu_failures)); } while (0)
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