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Patch an array so it can be used as range separator. First we validate the argument is an array then check if each array element is integer. Then we add 0 and infinity to the array.
// patch an array so it add 0 as 1st element and Infinite as last element
function checkArr( arr ) {
try {
Array.isArray( arr );
} catch(e) {
console.log( 'Input arguments is not an array' );
return false;
// validate element types
try {
arr.every( function( item ) {
return Number.isInteger( item );
} catch(e) {
console.log( 'Elements in array should be all positive integers' );
// patch the array
arr.unshift( 0 );
arr.push( Infinity );
return arr;

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twlca commented Apr 28, 2017



採用由使用者以 CSV 輸入臨界值,將其轉换成區段陣列後,再由函式呼叫以區別出各臨界值的統計值。

最小值為 0, 最大值為正無限大 (JS 中以 Infinity 代表,是一個 global constant)。


  1. 驗證輸入參數是陣列
  2. 驗證陣列中的元素皆為整數值
  3. 插入 0 到陣列第一元素,插入 Infinity 到陣列最後元素
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