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Last active Mar 7, 2019

What would you like to do?
Where did this code's labour come from?

This work was done using my spare time, using skills I had learned in employment and in more spare time. I have experienced very little oppression in this industry due to gender, age, sexual orientation & identity, and ethnicity. These are privileges & advantages not afforded to the global majority of people.

I have experienced, alongside all other working-class people, oppression due to class: my time and energy that could have been spent writing socially-useful, open-source code (or developing my skills in order to do so) has instead been commanded by private business owners and sapped by landlords. Profit comes from, in any long-term successful business, paying employees less than the employees produce for the owner. Rent comes from a preexisting imbalance of capital ownership, and takes money without productive work being done by the rent-seeker.

Always keep in mind the social context in which code is written, what kind of people get to write it, and who decides what kind of work to focus on.

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