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Last active Dec 18, 2015
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Pry command to trace a method invocation and log backtraces of each invocation to a file.
def write_backtrace name, backtrace, filename
exceptions = Regexp.union([
backtrace.reject! { |line| line =~ exceptions }, 'a') do |f|
f.write "* #{name}\n\n" + backtrace.join("\n") + "\n\n"
# Example usage:
# trace Redis::Client#process my_redis_calls.log
Pry.commands.block_command(/trace ([^ ]+) ([^ ]+)$/, "Trace a method invocation and log it to a file", :listing => "trace") do |bp, filename|
run "breakpoint #{bp} if (write_backtrace(%{#{bp}}, caller, %{#{filename}}); false)"
run "continue"
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