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Grokking the coding interview equivalent leetcode problems


I liked the way Grokking the coding interview organized problems into learnable patterns. However, the course is expensive and the majority of the time the problems are copy-pasted from leetcode. As the explanations on leetcode are usually just as good, the course really boils down to being a glorified curated list of leetcode problems.

So below I made a list of leetcode problems that are as close to grokking problems as possible.

Pattern: Sliding Window

Pattern: Two Pointers

Pattern: Fast & Slow pointers

Pattern: Merge Intervals

Pattern: Cyclic Sort

Pattern: In-place Reversal of a LinkedList

Pattern: Tree Breadth First Search

Pattern: Tree Depth First Search

Pattern: Two Heaps

Pattern: Subsets

Pattern: Modified Binary Search

Pattern: Bitwise XOR

Pattern: Top 'K' elements

Pattern: K-way merge

Pattern: 0/1 Knapsack

Pattern: Topological Sort


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Hi, Is it legal to share this course notes on GitHub?

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@i-zanis topological orderings are not unique right?

yes .. they may vary

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anand27 commented Dec 9, 2023

can someone share the updated list ?

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navidre commented Jan 5, 2024

I built this GPT for personalized mock interviews. Any programming language. With detailed feedback. Needs ChatGPT Plus for now:

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