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Last active August 4, 2023 14:04
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MTR for Powershell
An MTR clone for PowerShell.
Written by Tyler Applebaum.
Version 2.1
Runs a traceroute to a specified target; sends ICMP packets to each hop to measure loss and latency.
Big shout out to Team Cymru for the ASN resolution.
Thanks to DrDrrae for a bugfix on PowerShell v5
Input must be in the form of an IP address or FQDN. Should be compatible with most TLDs.
Specifies the number of ICMP packets to send per hop. Default is 10.
An optional parameter to specify a different DNS server than configured on your network adapter.
System.String, System.Int32
PSObject containing the traceroute results. Also saves a file to the desktop.
PS C:\> Get-Traceroute -b 512
Runs a traceroute to with 512-byte ICMP packets.
PS C:\> Get-Traceroute -s -f -h 45
Runs a traceroute to using as the DNS resolver and saves the output as
Increase max hop count from default of 30 to 45.
#Requires -version 4
[int]$PingCycles = 10, #Default to 10 pings per hop; minimum of 5, maximum of 100
[int]$BufLen = 32, #Default to 32 bytes of data in the ICMP packet, maximum of 1000 bytes
[IPAddress]$DNSServer = $Null,
[Int]$Hops = 60,
[String]$Filename = "Traceroute_$Target"
Function script:Set-Variables {
$PerTraceArr = @()
$script:ASNOwnerArr = @()
$ASNOwnerObj = New-Object PSObject
$ASNOwnerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty "ASN"("AS0")
$ASNOwnerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty "ASN Owner"("EvilCorp")
$ASNOwnerArr += $ASNOwnerObj #Add some values so the array isn't empty when first checked.
$script:i = 0
$script:x = 0
$script:z = 0
$script:WHOIS = ""
$script:ASNWHOIS = ""
} #End Set-Variables
Function script:Set-WindowSize {
$Window = $Host.UI.RawUI
If ($Window.BufferSize.Width -lt 175 -OR $Window.WindowSize.Width -lt 175) {
$NewSize = $Window.BufferSize
$NewSize.Height = 3000
$NewSize.Width = 175
$Window.BufferSize = $NewSize
$NewSize = $Window.WindowSize
$NewSize.Height = 50
$NewSize.Width = 175
$Window.WindowSize = $NewSize
} #End Set-WindowSize
Function script:Get-Traceroute {
$script:TraceResults = Test-NetConnection $Target -Hops $Hops -InformationLevel Detailed -TraceRoute | Select -ExpandProperty TraceRoute
} #End Get-Traceroute
Function script:Resolve-ASN {
$HopASN = $null #Reset to null each time
$HopASNRecord = $null #Reset to null each time
If ($Hop -notlike "TimedOut" -AND $Hop -notmatch "^(?:10|127|172\.(?:1[6-9]|2[0-9]|3[01])|192\.168)\..*") { #Don't waste a lookup on RFC1918 IPs
$HopSplit = $Hop.Split('.')
$HopRev = $HopSplit[3] + '.' + $HopSplit[2] + '.' + $HopSplit[1] + '.' + $HopSplit[0]
$HopASNRecord = Resolve-DnsName -Server $DNSServer -Type TXT -Name $HopRev$WHOIS -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select Strings
Else {
$HopASNRecord = $null
If ($HopASNRecord.Strings -AND $HopASNRecord.Strings.GetType().IsArray){ #Check for array;
$HopASN = "AS"+$HopASNRecord.Strings[0].Split('|').Trim()[0]
Write-Verbose "Object found $HopASN"
ElseIf ($HopASNRecord.Strings -AND $HopASNRecord.Strings.GetType().FullName -like "System.String"){ #Check for string; normal case.
$HopASN = "AS"+$HopASNRecord.Strings[0].Split('|').Trim()[0]
Write-Verbose "String found $HopASN"
Else {
$HopASN = "-"
} #End Resolve-ASN
Function script:Resolve-ASNOwner {
If ($HopASN -notlike "-") {
$IndexNo = $ASNOwnerArr.ASN.IndexOf($HopASN)
Write-Verbose "Current object: $ASNOwnerObj"
If (!($ASNOwnerArr.ASN.Contains($HopASN)) -OR ($ASNOwnerArr."ASN Owner"[$IndexNo].Contains('-'))){ #Keep "ASNOwnerArr.ASN" in double quotes so it will be treated as a string and not an object
Write-Verbose "ASN $HopASN not previously resolved; performing lookup" #Check the previous lookups before running this unnecessarily
$HopASNOwner = Resolve-DnsName -Server $DNSServer -Type TXT -Name $HopASN$ASNWHOIS -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select Strings
If ($HopASNOwner.Strings -AND $HopASNOwner.Strings.GetType().IsArray){ #Check for array;
$HopASNOwner = $HopASNOwner.Strings[0].Split('|').Trim()[4].Split('-')[0]
Write-Verbose "Object found $HopASNOwner"
ElseIf ($HopASNRecord.Strings -AND $HopASNRecord.Strings.GetType().FullName -like "System.String"){ #Check for string; normal case.
$HopASNOwner = $HopASNOwner.Strings[0].Split('|').Trim()[4].Split('-')[0]
Write-Verbose "String found $HopASNOwner"
Else {
$HopASNOwner = "-"
$ASNOwnerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty "ASN"($HopASN) -Force
$ASNOwnerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty "ASN Owner"($HopASNOwner) -Force
$ASNOwnerArr += $ASNOwnerObj #Add our new value to the cache
Else { #We get to use a cached entry and save Team Cymru some lookups
Write-Verbose "ASN Owner found in cache"
$HopASNOwner = $ASNOwnerArr[$IndexNo]."ASN Owner"
Else {
$HopASNOwner = "-"
Write-Verbose "ASN Owner lookup not performed - RFC1918 IP found or hop TimedOut"
} #End Resolve-ASNOwner
Function script:Resolve-DNS {
$HopNameArr = $null
$script:HopName = New-Object psobject
If ($Hop -notlike "TimedOut" -and $Hop -notlike "") {
$z++ #Increment the count for the progress bar
$script:HopNameArr = Resolve-DnsName -Server $DNSServer -Type PTR $Hop -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select NameHost
Write-Verbose "Hop = $Hop"
If ($HopNameArr.NameHost -AND $HopNameArr.NameHost.GetType().IsArray) { #Check for array first; sometimes resolvers are stupid and return NS records with the PTR in an array.
$script:HopName | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name NameHost -Value $HopNameArr.NameHost[0] #If Resolve-DNS brings back an array containing NS records, select just the PTR
Write-Verbose "Object found $HopName"
ElseIf ($HopNameArr.NameHost -AND $HopNameArr.NameHost.GetType().FullName -like "System.String") { #Normal case. One PTR record. Will break up an array of multiple PTRs separated with a comma.
$script:HopName | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name NameHost -Value $HopNameArr.NameHost.Split(',')[0].Trim() #In the case of multiple PTRs select the first one
Write-Verbose "String found $HopName"
ElseIf ($HopNameArr.NameHost -like $null) { #Check for null last because when an array is returned with PTR and NS records, it contains null values.
$script:HopName | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name NameHost -Value $Hop #If there's no PTR record, set name equal to IP
Write-Verbose "HopNameArr apparently empty for $HopName"
Write-Progress -Activity "Resolving PTR Record" -Status "Looking up $Hop, Hop #$z of $($TraceResults.length)" -PercentComplete ($z / $($TraceResults.length)*100)
Else {
$script:HopName | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name NameHost -Value $Hop #If the hop times out, set name equal to TimedOut
Write-Verbose "Hop = $Hop"
} #End Resolve-DNS
Function script:Get-PerHopRTT {
$PerHopRTTArr = @() #Store all RTT values per hop
$SAPSObj = $null #Clear the array each cycle
$SendICMP = New-Object System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping
$i++ #Advance the count
$x = 0 #Reset x for the next hop count. X tracks packet loss percentage.
$BufferData = "a" * $BufLen #Send the UTF-8 letter "a"
$ByteArr = [Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($BufferData)
If ($Hop -notlike "TimedOut" -and $Hop -notlike "" -and $Hop -notlike "::") { #Normal case, attempt to ping hop
For ($y = 1; $y -le $PingCycles; $y++){
$HopResults = $SendICMP.Send($Hop,1000,$ByteArr) #Send the packet with a 1 second timeout
$HopRTT = $HopResults.RoundtripTime
$PerHopRTTArr += $HopRTT #Add RTT to HopRTT array
If ($HopRTT -eq 0) {
$x = $x + 1
Write-Progress -Activity "Testing Packet Loss to Hop #$z of $($TraceResults.length)" -Status "Sending ICMP Packet $y of $PingCycles to $Hop - Result: $HopRTT ms" -PercentComplete ($y / $PingCycles*100)
} #End for loop
$PerHopRTTArr = $PerHopRTTArr | Where-Object {$_ -gt 0} #Remove zeros from the array
$HopRTTMin = "{0:N0}" -f ($PerHopRTTArr | Measure-Object -Minimum).Minimum
$HopRTTMax = "{0:N0}" -f ($PerHopRTTArr | Measure-Object -Maximum).Maximum
$HopRTTAvg = "{0:N0}" -f ($PerHopRTTArr | Measure-Object -Average).Average
$HopLoss = "{0:N1}" -f (($x / $PingCycles) * 100) + "`%"
$HopText = [string]$HopRTT + "ms"
If ($HopLoss -like "*100*") { #100% loss, but name resolves
$HopResults = $null
$HopRTT = $null
$HopText = $null
$HopRTTAvg = "-"
$HopRTTMin = "-"
$HopRTTMax = "-"
} #End main ping loop
Else { #Hop TimedOut - no ping attempted
$HopResults = $null
$HopRTT = $null
$HopText = $null
$HopLoss = "100.0%"
$HopRTTAvg = "-"
$HopRTTMin = "-"
$HopRTTMax = "-"
} #End TimedOut condition
$script:SAPSObj = [PSCustomObject]@{
"Hop" = $i
"Hop Name" = $HopName.NameHost
"ASN" = $HopASN
"ASN Owner" = $HopASNOwner
"`% Loss" = $HopLoss
"Hop IP" = $Hop
"Avg RTT" = $HopRTTAvg
"Min RTT" = $HopRTTMin
"Max RTT" = $HopRTTMax
$PerTraceArr += $SAPSObj #Add the object to the array
} #End Get-PerHopRTT
. Set-Variables
. Set-WindowSize
. Get-Traceroute
ForEach ($Hop in $TraceResults) {
. Resolve-ASN
. Resolve-ASNOwner
. Resolve-DNS
. Get-PerHopRTT
$PerTraceArr | Format-Table -Autosize
$PerTraceArr | Format-Table -Autosize | Out-File $env:UserProfile\Desktop\$Filename.txt -encoding UTF8
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