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class CouchObject(object):
Convert between a CouchDB document and Python object.
Create Python objects while maintaining a schema-free database.
Define object properties without storing null fields.
def id(self):
return self._id
def rev(self):
return self._rev
def all_fields(self):
# return a list of expected fields
raise NotImplementedError("all_fields must return a list of all fields for %s" % self.__class__)
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self.server, self.db = get_server_db()
# create object properties for all desired fields
for field_name in self.all_fields():
# check if field exists in document
if field_name in kwargs and kwargs[field_name] is not None:
value = kwargs[field_name]
value = None
setattr(self, field_name, value)
def to_dict(self):
# dictionary from properties
data_dict = {}
for field_name in self.all_fields():
value = getattr(self, field_name)
if value is not None: # don't store null fields!
data_dict[field_name] = value
return data_dict
def save(self):
def save_batch(docs):
server, db = get_server_db()
db.update([doc.to_dict() for doc in docs])
def delete(self):
del self.db[self._id]
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