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Configure Chromebox for Single-App Kiosk Mode

Chromebox Single-App Kiosk Mode

Configure Chromebox to auto-launch a Chrome app when device is turned on. App will launch automatically without login or prompt.

To enable kiosk mode for a web page, the third-party Kiosk app is a great option.


  1. Wipe data on Chromebook
    1. Turn off Chromebox
    2. Press "Reset" button with paperclip or pin
    3. Press recovery button while turning on device
    4. Press CTRL + D
    5. Press recovery button again, device resets and displays alert
    6. Press CTRL + D, device resets and wipes data, may take up to 10 minutes
    7. Press SPACE then ENTER to disable developer mode when startup screen appears
  2. Connect to network but do not log in when device returns to welcome screen
  3. Press CTRL + ALT + K at login screen to enable kiosk mode
  4. Log in
  5. Open chrome and go to chrome://extensions
  6. Check box next to Developer Mode
  7. Click "Add Kiosk Application" and enter App ID of desired kiosk app
  8. Highlight desired app and select "Auto Launch"
  9. Click "Done"
  10. Reboot device when prompted

Disable Kiosk Mode

  1. Restart device
  2. Press CTRL + ALT + S when device is booting to exit kiosk mode and go to login screen



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@AlbinoDrought AlbinoDrought commented Feb 6, 2019

No longer works as of Chrome OS 70, right? (or am I doing something wrong - the CTRL + ALT + K step does nothing for me)

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