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WebStorm keyboard shortcuts

WebStorm keyboard shortcuts

List of helpful keyboard shortcuts for IntelliJ WebStorm 8 running on OSX
Alt+Up                Select text blocks in incrementing size
Alt+Down              Deselect text blocks in decreasing size
Shift+Shift           Search Everywhere pop-up window
Shift-Cmd+F           Search entire project (highlight text to autofill search query)
Shift-Alt+Click       Create multiple carets
Cmd+D                 Duplicate current line or selection
Cmd+Delete            Remove current line or selection
Shift+Enter           Add new line without breaking current line
Cmd+Enter             Add new line without moving caret
Alt+Tab               Move cursor between documents in split view
Cmd+]                 Cycle backward to previous edit
Cmd+[                 Cycle forward to next edit
fn+Up                 Jump up to next view in document
fn+Down               Jump down to next view in document
Cmd+1                 Show/Hide Sidebar File Menu
Shift+Esc             Hide the bottom tray
Shift-Cmd+G           Show/Hide Minimap (using CodeGlance plugin)

For Highlighted Text

Ctrl+G                Highlight next instance of current selection (adds caret)
Cmd-Ctrl+G            Highlight all instances of current selections (adds carets)
Shift-Ctrl+G          Unselect previous highlight
Cmd-Alt+J             Wrap selection in new tag (works mostly with HTML)
Shift-Ctrl+J          Turn selection into single line
Cmd + /               Comment with line comment
Cmd-Alt + /           Comment with block comment
Ctrl-Alt+I            Auto-Indent Lines
Cmd-Alt+L             Reformat Code (applies alignment settings)
Shift-Cmd+Up          Move selection up 1 line
Shift-Cmd+Down        Move selection down 1 line
Tab                   Indent selection
Shift+Tab             Unindent selection


Alt+Click             Close all other tabs except clicked tab
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