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Chrome DevTools tips and tricks

Chrome DevTools tips and tricks

Speed up your workflow with these Mac shortcuts
Cmd-Alt+I               # Open DevTools
Cmd-Alt+J               # Open DevTools into console
Cmd-Alt+U               # Open new tab with HTML source of current URL
Cmd-Shift+C             # Open DevTools and Toggle inspector
Once DevTools is open
Cmd-Shift+C             # Toggle inspector
Esc                     # Toggle console drawer
Ctrl+Tilde              # Open console

Shortcuts for Chrome Browser

Some of these work in other applications
Cmd-Shift+T             # Reopen the last tab you closed (Chrome remembers last 10 tabs)
Cmd-Shift+I             # Open new Gmail draft with current URL in message body
Cmd-Alt+Left            # Jump to left tab
Cmd-Alt+Right           # Jump to right tab
Cmd+Left                # Move back in page browse history
Cmd+Right               # Move forward in page browse history
Cmd+Tilde               # Toggle between browser windows (if more than 1 is open)
Cmd-Shift+F             # Toggle fullscreen
fn+Up                   # Jump up in browser window area
fn+Down                 # Jump down in browser window area
Spacebar                # Jump down in browser window area
Address bar mastery
Cmd+L                   # Highlights URL
Cmd-Alt+F               # Adds '?' to bar to create forced search (no accidental URL autofill)
Cmd+L > Cmd+Enter       # Open search or new URL in background tab
Cmd+L > Cmd+Delete      # Clear address bar
Opening links
Cmd+Click               # Open link in background tab
Cmd-Shift+Click         # Open link and go to new tab
Access Chrome features
Cmd+D                   # Bookmarks current page
Cmd-Alt+B               # Open bookmarks manager
Cmd+B                   # Open bookmarks search box
Cmd+Comma               # Open settings
Cmd-Shift+R             # Hard refresh page without cache
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