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Terminal (CLI) secrets

Command Line basics

$ ls -a     # lists all contents of a directory, including hidden files and directories
$ ls -l     # lists all contents in long format
$ ls -t     # orders files and directories by the time they were last modified
Multiple options can be used together, like ls -alt
From the command line, you can also copy, move, and remove files and directories:
$ cp        # copies files
$ mv          # moves and renames files
$ rm          # removes files
$ rm -r       # removes directories

Command Line secrets

Speed up your workflow with these tricks
$ sudo !!                     # Sudo the previous typed command
$ echo $JAVA_HOME
$ cd `!!`                     # Use previous output in new command
$ Ctrl+A                      # Move caret to front of current line
$ mkdir new && cd new         # Use '&&' to combine commands in 1 line
$ cat filename.txt            # View contents of file in your terminal
$ top                         # View current system processes
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer  # Launch server of current directory
$ echo $PATH | tr ':' '\n'    # Display $PATH list on multiple lines
$ ps aux | grep apache        # Display current Apache processes
$ kill -9 12345               # Kill process id 12345
$ tail -f <filename>          # Print live file changes to terminal (useful for log files)
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