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$options['shell-aliases']['offline'] = 'variable-set -y --always-set maintenance_mode 1';
$options['shell-aliases']['online'] = 'variable-delete -y --exact maintenance_mode';
$options['shell-aliases']['sync-dbs'] = '!drush sql-sync --structure-tables-key=common --no-cache {{#prod}} {{@target}}';
$options['shell-aliases']['sync-files'] = '!drush rsync {{#prod}}:%files {{@target}}:%files';
$options['structure-tables']['common'] = array('cache', 'cache_filter', 'cache_menu', 'cache_page', 'history', 'sessions', 'watchdog');
$options['shell-aliases']['sync-fsdb'] = '!drush sql-sync {{#prod}} {{@target}} && drush rsync {{#prod}}:%files {{@target}}:%files';
$options['shell-aliases']['pull'] = '!git pull';
$options['shell-aliases']['pulldb'] = '!git pull && drush updatedb';
$options['shell-aliases']['unin'] = 'pm-disable -y && pm-uninstall -y';
$options['shell-aliases']['noncore'] = 'pm-list --no-core';
$options['shell-aliases']['wipe'] = 'cache-clear all';
$options['shell-aliases']['unsuck'] = 'pm-disable -y overlay,dashboard';
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