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A Kirbytext extension for creating HTML5 figure tags with a thumbnail image, alignment class (e.g. left, right or center for an article), caption and an anchor which links the thumbnail to the full-size version of the image.

Figure Extension for Kirbytext

This extension lets you add figures to your content files.


  1. Put kirbytext.extended.php in your site/plugins folder
  2. Make sure to install the thumb plugin as well

Note: To make sure the thumbs plugin will work, you must create a thumbs folder in your main folder of your site (next to Kirby's index.php) and make sure that it is writable by PHP.


Add figures to your content files like this:

(figure: photo.jpg)

(figure: photo.jpg caption: What a great photo! align: left)

(figure: photo.jpg align: left)
class kirbytextExtended extends kirbytext {
function __construct($text, $markdown=true) {
parent::__construct($text, $markdown);
// define custom tags
// define custom attributes
$this->addAttributes('caption', 'align');
// define a function for each new tag you specify
function figure($params) {
global $site;
$page = ($this->obj) ? $this->obj : $site->pages()->active();
$image = $page->images()->find($params['figure']);
// try to fetch the caption from the alt text if not specified
if(empty($params['caption'])) $params['caption'] = @$params['alt'];
// try to fetch the alt text from the caption if not specified
if(empty($params['alt'])) $params['alt'] = @$params['caption'];
// html output
if(!empty($params['align'])) {
$html = '<figure class="align' . $params['align'] . '">';
} else {
$html = '<figure>';
$html .= '<a href="' . $image->url() . '"><img src="' . thumb($image, array('width' => 500, 'crop' => false), false) . '" alt="' . $params['alt'] . '" /></a>';
// only add a caption if one is available
if(!empty($params['caption'])) {
$html .= '<figcaption>' . $params['caption'] . '</figcaption>';
$html .= '</figure>';
return $html;

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jancbeck commented Mar 23, 2014

This fork lets you place videos in your figure elements:
Note that it does not support thumbnail creation and alignment.

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