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Last active August 9, 2023 05:29
Convert USDZ to GLB via Python

Convert USDZ to GLB (python)


pip install aspose-3d


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Last active August 9, 2023 05:09
LLM Prompts

Building your pitch deck:

I want you to assist me in the creation of my pitch deck. I want to raise a $2M seed round from VC investors and angels in the US. Can you ask me the common questions slide by slide that help to gather all the relevant content and then create the final content for the pitch deck out of it. Do not write all conversation at once. Start with giving me the full structure of slides for the deck.

Practice your pitch:

I want you to act as a Venture Capital Investor. I will be a startup founder pitching you my startup idea to get an investment from you. I want you to ask me questions about my business idea, team and plans for the future. I want you to only reply as the VC. Do not write all conversation at once. I want you to only to the discussion with me. Ask me the questions and wait for my answer. Do not write explanations. Ask me the questions one by one like a VC does and wait for my answers. You start with the first question “Give me the elevator pitch of your idea

Find invest


Let's partner up!

Hi {first name},‍

Hope you’re well. My name is {your name} and I’m in charge of partnerships at {company}.‍
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Created January 25, 2022 00:55
How to do software engineering contracts


How to do software engineering contracts


Software projects have a notorious reputation of being later than expected, more expensive than estimated and sometimes not even functional.

If you are like me, you are in this field because you want to create great new things. Things that improve lives.

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Created March 20, 2021 15:59
Example Bibtext reference for a Github repository


If you find this code useful, please consider citing

@misc{[PROJECT ID],
    title={[PROJECT TITLE]},
    author={[LNAME, FNAME]},
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Created August 8, 2020 18:01
How to Submit a Show HN

How to Submit a "Show HN"

If you're sharing your own work and there's a way to try it out, put "Show HN" in the title. Make sure you've read the Show HN guidelines:

Posts without URLs get penalized, so when you submit, put your site in the URL field and leave the text field blank.

Add a comment to the thread giving the backstory of how you came to work on this, and explaining what's different about it. That tends to seed discussion in a good direction.

Include a clear statement of what your project is or does. If you don't, the discussion will consist of "I can't tell what this is". >

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Created July 24, 2020 14:41
Download files from Google Drive using wget in Jupyter or Colab

Programmatically download files from a Google Drive link:

For large file run the following command with necessary changes in FILEID and FILENAME:

!wget --load-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt "$(wget --quiet --save-cookies /tmp/cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --no-check-certificate '' -O- | sed -rn 's/.*confirm=([0-9A-Za-z_]+).*/\1\n/p')&id=FILEID" -O FILENAME && rm -rf /tmp/cookies.txt
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Last active January 3, 2021 17:19
How To Build Your Own Maker Workbench

Maker Workbench

Archived from

AUGUST 5, 2016

It can be tough working on a maker project if you don’t have a good space to work. Many times my electronics work surface was an ESD mat on the dining room table, but as my projects grew and my family grew I was under increasing pressure to find somewhere else to work. (Really it was the 3D printer that put my wife over the edge — rightfully so). I also didn’t want to have my electronics out in the garage which is my woodworking shop and full of saw dust.

The task of finding a decent place to work on electronics was more of a challenge than I expected. Lots of folks who left the dining room table seem to work on card tables or random repurposed Ikea tables and benches or purchase very expensive commercial electronics benches that are out of the range of most folks working part time as a maker. I knew there must be something in the middle that could be

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Created March 19, 2019 12:43
Health Record Trends



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Created December 8, 2018 16:46
Pretty git "railroad track" log report
git log --graph --pretty=\"format:'%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr)%Creset'\" --abbrev-commit --date=relative