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@u007 u007/Caddyfile

Last active Dec 4, 2018
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Caddy vs traefik, {
tls self_signed
log /logs access.log
errors visible
proxy /assets nginx:80
proxy / web:3000
redir 301 {
if {>X-Forwarded-Proto} is http
/ https://{host}{uri}
#debug = true
path = "/healthcheck"
interval = "11s"
url = "http://web:3000"
url = "http://nginx:80"
backend = "buffalo"
rule = ""
entrypoints = ["http","https"]
passHostHeader = true
#passTLSCert = true
priority = 10
backend = "backendNginx"
rule = ";PathPrefix:/assets"
passHostHeader = true
#passTLSCert = true
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