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Created June 8, 2023 04:42
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concurrent suspend api calls
@Inject lateinit var suspendApi: SuspendApi
shownScope.launch {
val assetCategoriesResultDeferred = async{suspendApi.getAssetCategories()}
val categorizedAssetDeferred = async{suspendApi.getCategorizedAssets()}
val assetCategoriesResult = assetCategoriesResultDeferred.await()
val categorizedAssetsResult = categorizedAssetDeferred.await()
if (assetCategoriesResult is ApiResult.Success && categorizedAssetsResult is ApiResult.Success) {
assetCategoryList =
fullAssetList =
view!!.setupCategoryView(getCategoryListItem(assetCategoryList!!, fullAssetList!!))
} else {
toaster.showShortErrorToast("api error to get category or assets list")
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