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keras-opencv conda env

With python 3.6 create conda env called keras-cv (GUI...)

On the prompt: Activate your new environment by typing the following in Terminal.

  • source activate keras-cv //// (Windows) activate keras-cv

Install packages

  • pip install --upgrade pip
  • pip install tensorflow
  • pip install keras
  • conda install scikit-learn
  • pip install pillow
  • conda install -c conda-forge opencv
  • pip install -U matplotlib
  • pip install pandas
  • pip install tqdm
  • pip install pydot
  • pip install scikit-image
  • pip install graphviz

On the Anaconda Navigator (GUI): install jupyter notebook on keras-cv

Launching jupyter with specific folder (anconda prompt, windows):

  • activate keras-cv
  • jupyter notebook --notebook-dir='I:\PythonScripts\keras-opencv'
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