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string openCVType2str(int type) {
string r;
uchar depth = type & CV_MAT_DEPTH_MASK;
uchar chans = 1 + (type >> CV_CN_SHIFT);
switch ( depth ) {
case CV_8U: r = "8U"; break;
case CV_8S: r = "8S"; break;
case CV_16U: r = "16U"; break;
case CV_16S: r = "16S"; break;
case CV_32S: r = "32S"; break;
case CV_32F: r = "32F"; break;
case CV_64F: r = "64F"; break;
default: r = "User"; break;
r += "C";
r += (chans+'0');
return r;
int main(){
//Your matrix here
Mat M;
string ty = openCVType2str( M.type() );
printf("Matrix: %s %dx%d \n", ty.c_str(), M.cols, M.rows );
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