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Last active April 21, 2017 14:13
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Swift controller for a modal window / sheet; see
import Cocoa
class MyModalWindowController: NSWindowController {
var mainW: NSWindow = NSWindow()
override init() {
override init(window: NSWindow!) {
super.init(window: window)
//Initialization code here.
required init?(coder: (NSCoder!)){
super.init(coder: coder);
override func windowDidLoad() {
// Implement this method to handle any initialization after your window controller's window has been loaded from its nib file.
//method called to display the modal window
func beginSheet(mainWindow: NSWindow){
self.mainW = mainWindow
NSApp.beginSheet(self.window!, modalForWindow: mainWindow, modalDelegate: self, didEndSelector:nil, contextInfo: nil)
//method called, when "Close" - Button clicked
@IBAction func btnClicked(sender: AnyObject) {
//method called to slide out the modal window
func endSheet(){
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Alotabi1 commented Feb 6, 2017

#using namespace std;
int main ()

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Nice. You should update it to use NSWindow beginsheet.

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