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GSoC 2019 Work Product | Uddeshya Singh | Open Event Frontend & Server | FOSSASIA

Uddeshya Singh | @uds5501 | FOSSASIA


In this summer period, I worked on FOSSASIA's Open Event projects (comprising of Open Event Server and Open Event Frontend). The Open Event , popularly know as Eventyay, is an open sourced event management platform which enables users to host conferences and various kinds of meet-ups and helps them customize their event according to their requirements. Sophisticated features like tickets, payment collections and call for speakers have been provided and can be further fine tuned into several tracks, venues and sessions.

My main goal of this period was to focus on making the Eventyay platform more stable for new users while laying down foundations for making the platform smoother in terms of payment gateway integrations and payment workflows.

With the onset of community bonding period, I started off by laying the groundwork for Omise Payments and order schema corrections and major focus of my coding period has been in implementing proper features in Orders, Tickets, Taxes, Payment Gateways and Frontend User Experience areas with elaborations provided below. While on the server side most of my work has been devoted towards implementing new endpoints for enabling new features in the EmberJS framework supported frontend, dependency upgrades and otherwise minor workflow corrections in the existing hooks.

Major Areas of My Contributions and Goals Achieved

Community Bonding:

  • Laid the base for upcoming refactors by enhancing existing scheduled tasks, focussed on minor bug fixes in the server and updated the UI in order page.

Phase 1:

  • Completed the introduction of Omise payments in the frontend of the Open-event project and integrated the order payment pages to the appropriate endpoints in the server being parallelly established by the rest of the team.

  • Worked upon shifting Event Attendee forms from order page and introduced it in a new event wizard step altogether.

Phase 2:

  • Continued working on updating the UI as per the requirements which were reported by users.
  • Updated notification sending behaviour of the platform by updating api logic and notification structure.
  • Solved multiple behavioral bugs on the frontend side mostly in Admin/Sales and Public Ticket areas.
  • Introduced tax information on public ticket pages which was only visible upon order completion.
    • Implemented both included and additional tax structures.
    • Made use of dynamic calculation to account for discounted tickets.

Phase 3:

  • Laid foundation of Event Invoices on the Frontend and PDF services for the same.
    • Desgined Event Invoice PDF and worked on its amount calculations.
    • Created Billing information form on the Frontend for User Information.
    • Provided appropriate review/paid page linking for each user
  • Fixed multiple bugs ranging from role invite process to keys storing process in the API communication.
  • Created integration tests for the left out Ember components on the frontend to improve test coverage.


Code Contributions:

Outreach Events:

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