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Last active Apr 10, 2020
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SSH Tunnel example to access http server on private AWS network
// Goal: Be able to do a curl from local to server in AWS private subnet
// Host - The machine running the server in a private subnet
// Bastion - A machine which has access to the Host in the private subnet. You need to have SSH access to this machine
// Local - Your local machine
// Normally, if you SSH into your Bastion, you are able to curl the DNS/IP of the private Host machine running your server
// To be able to curl from your local machine, you'll need to set up a tunnel between your local and the bastion
// When you tunnel, you have to provide the DNS/IP of the private Host as seen from the Bastion. This will typically be a private IP
// an internal DNS name
// Run on local computer to set up tunnel from local to bastion
ssh -i <keypair> -f ec2-user@<bastionIP> -L <localPort>:<privateHostName>:<hostPort> -N
// localPort - the port you want to expose the Host's server on your local machine
// privateHostName - the hostname/IP of the Host running the server
// hostPort - the port of the server running on the Host
// You are now able to curl from your local machine via localhost and localPort
curl http://localhost:<localPort>
// To see the list of all tunnelled connections
// make sure you kill the tunnel once you are done using it
ps aux | grep ssh
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