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Created March 3, 2016 10:56
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Opening Statement:
The most important thing EF has to attract more people to Cohorts are the current members, and the technology being born from work being done inside EF.
So the most important asset to promote, from an evangelist's point of view, is this tech and it's use cases to create a feedback cycle of improving the technology and garnering more interest in the given communities to join EF.
● Objectives
The short term goals for me would be to skill up on the current Cohorts technologies, those that they are producing and the systems they are relying on underneath. This is to be able to provide help where necessary, and to create a base of communities to reach out to that use the same or similiar tech.
It would also give me the opportunity to create compelling conference/meetup talks around the use cases these technologies are employed in, thus adding credibility to the outreach efforts.
This would be swiftly followed by repeating the process with alumni projects, and engaging with Alumni to see where they are taking the technology next.
A kill productive three months for myself would be a mixture of skilling up, and developing tooling to track interactions internally and externally.
What I mean by these tracking internal is tracking the technology needs of the current projects so I know where to look to engage in the future, and externally means tracking the people I am engaging with outside EF.
● How
The communitiies and individuals in the short time need to have a direct relationship to the current use case of the technologies being used, for example if the current cohort are big data heavy they being involved in that community is immperative.
However, when the current cohort is more mature and has it's use cases ready I'd need to become involved in the groups and communities that the use cases are involved with. For example, if one of the projects is a new testing or PaaS platform then I'd need be engaged in the people that coud or would adopt the technology.
As for how I'd engage these communities, in the short term possibly sponsorship or speaking engagements, but in the long term it would need to be as an active participant providing feedback and just been seen regularly with the groups.
The key partnerships for me, would be the same as the hackathon's I run. So a variety of technology companies as well as players in different technology spaces.
As a no brainer, things like TechCrunch Disrupt and TNW Conference, just to engage like minded companies that may want to adopt existing alumni and current companies. As well as advertising access to EF for those people wanting to start a new venture.
But, I'd also want to engage community level technology conferences as a means to speak at and engage developers that would want to join EF or at least spark that initial interest in the process.
● Success metrics
I believe in two major metrics, adoption and reach. Adoption would have to approaches, the number of people adopting EF technologies as well as the number of people registering interesting and the starting the funnel to be a member.
Outreach however is purely measured by the number of actual and probable people reached through public engagements.
I'm not sure what an authentic conversion for EF would be, in my existing role an authentic conversion is someone that use's the product for a period longer than 3 months.
● Beyond 3 months
Beyond three months, it would be helping to make the builders into evangelists of not only the products built by themselves, but the programme and alternative products created by EF members.
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