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Brainstorming some data formats to use as a test dataset for a reboot of my "series-subjugator" project.
{ "weaves" : {
"term:singular" : "A Weave",
"meta:comment" : "Stories made of parts interweaved into a complex whole.",
"quilts" : [ "quilt" : [ "block" : {
"meta:comment" : "A block is a clipped segment from a larger story, like a peice of a quilt cut from your favorit old t-shirt. Basically, they are just abuses of meta-memes within a pre-existing larger narrative.",
"source" : {
"provider" : "",
"last_updated" : "<INSERT ISODATE FORMAT HERE>",
"metadata" : {
"title" : "thinks like me",
"url" : "",
"youtube_id" : "YSzWGPyacag"
"timecode" : {
"start" : "00:00", "end" : "04:25.599"
"doobly-doo" : {
"title" : "This is where weavers give blocks meaningful names to illuminate shared hallucinations",
"tags" : "This is where weavers will fail by spewing half baked Folk Ontologys mixed with memes and other epistimological abominations until a better way of indexing videos can be built to filter out brain dropings. This field should be a list, but I'm lazy. #youMadBro",
"comment" : "This is weavers write small poems and add links about the block in an attempt to illuminate context, or perhaps simply share their feelings. Mostl likely, this will be used signal group status using trite emogji's and other complex linguistic mames. Smash the Lexarchy!"
"block" : { "meta:comment" : "pretend there are more blocks here."}
"quilt" : { "meta:comment" : " if I wasn't lazy, there'd be more quilts there too." }
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