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Yoast SEO Organization Schema Replaced By LocalBusiness
* Add LocalBusiness to schema Organization
* @api array $data The graph piece to filter.
* @return array
function custom_wpseo_schema_organization($data){
$data['address'] = [
'@type' => 'PostalAddress',
'streetAddress' => 'My address',
'postalCode' => 'My postal code',
'addressLocality' => 'City',
'telephone' => '0123456789',
$data['@type'] = 'LocalBusiness';
$data['telephone'] = '0123456789';
$data['image'] = 'pathtoimage';
$data['priceRange'] = '$$';
return $data;
add_filter('wpseo_schema_organization', 'custom_wpseo_schema_organization', 10, 1);

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@wpsumo wpsumo commented Mar 22, 2021

@ulziibat-n any idea how to insert sepcific pieces in specific places via the dev API? At the moment I've only managed to insert it in the end of the organization for example.

Would like to inject some more fields after the already generated name and more sameAS fields.

The only solution I've found is to hard code the @graph and no longer rely on the dynamic and wp parts of yoast. Or add them in the end. But it doesn't look ideal to have sameAS urls spread around and not after each other. And same with the mixed order.

Any idea or solution you've found as you've played with the API more than me?

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