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Last active July 5, 2018 01:33
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Sleeping Town Bot Policy

Bot accounts are welcmoe, provided they follow these rules:

  1. All Markov bots or other generative bots that may output nonsense must always post unlisted, or with a CW.
  2. If a bot will post public posts, it must not post any more frequently than once an hour and must be clearly marked as a bot in its display name.
  3. Bots must never mention other users unless the mentioned user has initiated it. For such user-initiated posts, any rate limits may be ignored.
  4. The bot's operator must be included in its description or a pinned post.
  5. Top-level unlisted or followers-only posts must not be made any more frequently than every 15 minutes.
    • Exception: Now-playing or scrobble bots may post as frequently as once a minute.
  6. If a bot incorporates data from posts made by another user that are not directed at the bot, the bot must be following that user.
  7. Bots must follow the same rules as normal users, with regards to acceptable content, harassment, etc.
  8. Generative bots must be monitored by their operator.

Failure to follow these rules may result in the bot being suspended. A bot's operator is responsible for all content posted by it.

Open source bots are encouraged, and should have a link to their source code in their description or a pinned post.

Other instances are free to adopt this policy, either by incorporating it into their /about/more page or by linking to this page from it.

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ciolt commented Jul 5, 2018

I agree 👍

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