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Last active Sep 22, 2015
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Pry snippets
In sublime, in the menu find Preferences => Settings - User.
This will open a file, and while this is not the file we want, it is in the correct directory.
NOTE: Please be careful to follow these in the correct order, rather than risk overwriting your user settings!
Do File -> Save As, and resave the file as Pry.sublime-snippet
Delete the content and paste the first file below in that file, and save.
Do File -> Save As, and resave the file as Pry-Remote.sublime-snippet
Delete the content and paste the second file below in that file, and save.
Sublime should automatically re-load all the snippets, though you may have to restart
(more likely if you have an OS that sounds like "widows sever" or "widows hate")
Now, whenever you need to pry, you can type pry and press tab - it will complete the full one-liner.
Whenever you need pry-remote, you can type prr and press tab.
<content><![CDATA[require 'pry-remote'; binding.remote_pry # now run pry-remote in the console]]></content>
<description>Insert pry-remote debugger</description>
<!-- Optional: Set a tabTrigger to define how to trigger the snippet -->
<!-- <tabTrigger>hello</tabTrigger> -->
<content><![CDATA[require 'pry'; binding.pry]]></content>
<!-- Optional: Tab trigger to activate the snippet -->
<!-- Optional: Scope the tab trigger will be active in -->
<!-- Optional: Description to show in the menu -->
<description>Insert pry debugger</description>
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