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My best of Fosdem 2018 compilation

JIT for postgres queries with LLVM

Wicked stuff

Container security

Was not able to attend this, but it's on my list

Observability: not just an ops thing

I believe in the topic, the presentation was a bit light on details, but still gave a few nice hints. Perhaps a conflict of interest, since the author is the founder of a company that does that AFAIU :-)

Automated deployments with ansible

Explains the idea and tools behind our (Proemion) deployment process. Be aware that we do things a bit differently but the framework is more or less the same. It's a bit of a 'slow' talk, unfortunately

Grafana tips

Straight from the man behind Grafana. We're using Grafana 4, in case you're wondering :-)


I did not go to this, but I'm including it for anyone wants to get a quick intro to ES:

Async decision making

Was not able to attend this (packed room), so I'm putting it here for myself as well :-)

Monitoring java applications with Prometheus

Did not attend it, but the subject seems interesting.

Missing videos

These are highly recommended if the videos ever come out.

Kubernetes Security best pratices, room UD2.120

Blue elephant on demand: Postgres + Kubernetes



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commented Feb 6, 2018

May I add:

Cypher, a graph query language

(video not yet there, but slides are). This seems very useful as an exploration of data sets. Not immediately applicable to us, but super-cool!

Open JDK

I didn't attend this one, but it's always instructive of what's coming in the oracle JDK as well.

Indirect monitoring of Java apps with Prometheus

It's not immediately useful for us, but if we ever wanted to get rid of newrelic, there's some good options here for black box monitoring with agents, etc.

Load testing with Locust

This is probably most useful to Michael, it's a python load test framework. Quite cute.

Instrumenting your applications with the RED method

This is a very interesting talk. The main ideas I got out of it were:

  1. We should have a monitoring methodology for apps. Meaning there's a certain number of base metrics we can monitor around every app and therefore be able to check for issues without knowing what the app does.
  2. Those metrics should be named, graphed and alerted on in the same way (not thresholds, but approach).

We currently have lots of monitoring, but we need to know what each little metric does before we know how to interpret it, there's some benefit in unifying.


Just a very cool talk from developers of Prometheus of where it came from.

Bicycle sharing data analysis

Didn't go to that one, but it looks very promising.

Restructuring a huge old code base at Libre Office

s/C++/java and we have psp. Very entertaining.

Security Threatre

Quite entertaining, but the main idea is to get our security basics right and then chase after the improbable, but very scary use cases.


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commented Feb 6, 2018

uff ... sound is so bad :(

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