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Christopher Biggs unixbigot

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diff --git a/Code/Adafruit_FONA.cpp b/Code/Adafruit_FONA.cpp
index cc4cf53..cc7fc38 100644
--- a/Code/Adafruit_FONA.cpp
+++ b/Code/Adafruit_FONA.cpp
@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ Adafruit_FONA::Adafruit_FONA(int8_t rst)
_rstpin = rst;
// apn = F("FONAnet");
- apn = F("");
- apnusername = 0;
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hugo server
import time, datetime, calendar
from pytz import timezone
import requests, json
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
Relay_Ch1 = 21
Relay_Ch2 = 26
Relay_Ch3 = 19
Relay_Ch4 = 13
unixbigot / loadcell.ino
Created Jul 6, 2019
basic LCD scale using load cell and hx711
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//Sample using LiquidCrystal library
#include <LiquidCrystal.h>
This program will test the LCD panel and the buttons
Mark Bramwell, July 2010
unixbigot / wearable_parts.txt
Created Jan 23, 2018
IoTBNE + Accelerando Wearable Workshop Parts
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unixbigot / contact-lambda.js
Created Apr 25, 2017
Add an AWS-Lambda contact form to the "Agency" theme for Hugo (
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// Follow the instructions at
// Including adding the custom javascript from that article (plus this file)
// In config.toml set postURL = "/rest/contact/"
// Support serialising the contact form as JSON to send to AWS Lambda
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
$('form[id=contactForm]').off('submit').on('submit', function (e) {
var formJSON = $(this).formToJson({pretty: true, delimiter: '.'});
unixbigot / wemos_sled.gcode
Last active Dec 16, 2020
Design files for a breadboard sled to hold the WeMos D1 Mini IoT module. The .gcode file is suitable for use with bCNC. The .scad file is for OpenSCAD and can be exported to DXF or whatever your CNC needs.
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(Block-name: block outline)
(Block-expand: 1)
(Block-enable: 0)
G0 X0 Y0 Z5
G1 Z0
g1 x60 y0
g1 x60 y40
g1 x0 y40
g1 x0 y0
g0 z5