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unoexperto /
Created May 9, 2024 07:15 — forked from zorn-v/
xkb switch on release deb build
rm -rf build
mkdir -p build
cd build
sudo apt install devscripts -y
sudo mk-build-deps -t'apt-get -y' -ir xserver-xorg-core
apt source xserver-xorg-core
unoexperto / run.tpl
Created September 2, 2023 09:49 — forked from efrecon/run.tpl
`docker inspect` template to regenerate the `docker run` command that created a container
docker run \
--name {{printf "%q" .Name}} \
{{- with .HostConfig}}
{{- if .Privileged}}
--privileged \
{{- end}}
{{- if .AutoRemove}}
--rm \
{{- end}}
{{- if .Runtime}}
# REMOVES ibus from Zoom installer.
curl -L '' > zoom_amd64.deb
rm -r ./zoom/
mkdir zoom
cd zoom
#ls -ls ./../
ar xf ./../zoom_amd64.deb
mkdir control
unoexperto /
Created June 20, 2022 15:07 — forked from stettix/
Things I believe

Things I believe

This is a collection of the things I believe about software development. I have worked for years building backend and data processing systems, so read the below within that context.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to let me know at @JanStette. See also my blog at


Keep it simple, stupid. You ain't gonna need it.


Create simple url shortener. In first version it will be unauthenticated service which means that anyone can use API to shorted URL without registration.


API endpoints


unoexperto /
Last active May 13, 2024 04:15
How to patch Android app to sniff its HTTPS traffic with self-signed certificate

How to patch Android app to sniff its HTTPS traffic with self-signed certificate

  • Download apktool from
  • Unpack apk file: java -jar /home/expert/work/tools/apktool.jar d
  • Modify AndroidManifest.xml by adding android:networkSecurityConfig="@xml/network_security_config" attribute to application element.
  • Create file /res/xml/network_security_config.xml with following content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>