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Werkzeug Python 3 notes

untitaker commented Apr 5, 2013

This is very incomplete atm... will add content as questioned.

/cc @RonnyPfannschmidt

maybe a rough roadmap/timeline? Would be really useful to understand what needs to be done and when. Also maybe a how to help guide - since i've seen a couple of py3 port efforts but it's not clear if/how they're all related, would make it clearer instead of different people going off on their own tangents.

Nice work , Truly appreciate I want to ask the porting done above has the backward compatibility or not.

methane commented Apr 29, 2013

Should support Python 3.2? Could we use u'' literal?


untitaker commented Apr 30, 2013

Whoops, no comment notifications.

@methane We can use b"" and u"", because we support only Py3.3+ and Py2.7+ so far. Probably support for Py2.6 will be added later when it's done.


untitaker commented Apr 30, 2013

@chitrank Updated gist, is supposed to support both 2 and 3 in the same codebase.


untitaker commented Apr 30, 2013

@mangecoeur Right now we're working on, but feel free to submit pull requests for anything that has failing tests, needs stricter tests (in your opinion) or is still completely untouched.

We don't have a real timeline atm, but i personally hope we'll get much more focus on the goals with the hackathon.

@unitaker Have you used six module for porting. I am working on Moin2 porting to Python 3.x and using module six but at some cases I doubt module six because some cases can be easily handled by simple try and except.

We do see that we need to use only some lines of code rather than using try except. So does porting cannonically makes any substantial difference.


untitaker commented May 25, 2013


Six is definitely required if you want to support Python 2.5 but from 2.6 or later there really is not much of a reason to use six

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