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Last active November 19, 2018 08:02
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Example of project settings for Extended QGIS Web Client. Features: search with project data with WMS standard using search panels and external services (MapBox) for geocoding, reverse geocoding and getting elevation data.
"search": [{
"title": "Places",
"useWmsRequest": true,
"queryLayer": "pop_places",
"formItems": [{
"xtype": "textfield",
"name": "name",
"fieldLabel": "Name",
"allowBlank": true,
"blankText": "Please enter a name",
"filterOp": "ILIKE"
}, {
"xtype": "textfield",
"name": "iso_cc",
"fieldLabel": "Country code",
"allowBlank": true,
"blankText": "Enter Country code (2 letters)",
"maxLength": 2,
"minLength": 2,
"filterOp": "ILIKE"
}, {
"xtype": "combo",
"name": "type",
"store": [
"National Capital",
"Provincial Capital",
"Large City",
"fieldLabel": "Type",
"emptyText": "",
"typeAhead": false,
"forceSelection": true,
"selectOnFocus": true,
"filterOp": "="
"gridColumns": [{
"header": "Name",
"dataIndex": "name",
"menuDisabled": true,
"renderer": "customURLFormatter"
}, {
"header": "Country code",
"dataIndex": "iso_cc",
"menuDisabled": true
"selectionLayer": "pop_places",
"selectionZoom": 12,
"doZoomToExtent": false
"geoCode": {
"zoom": 19,
"layers": "",
"country": "AT",
"provider": "mapbox"
"locationServices": [{
"name": "elevation",
"key": "your MapBox API access token",
"provider": "mapbox"
}, {
"name": "address",
"key": "your MapBox API access token",
"provider": "mapbox"
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uprel commented Nov 18, 2018

geocode.layers = MapBox type definition, can be address, place, poi,..., blank string for all types = 2 letter country code, can contain more values with comma separated. Blank string for worldwide search

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