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Django models decorator for tracking fields changes
def track_field_changes(only=None, exclude=()):
Django models decorator for tracking fields changes
:only: fields to track for changes (all otherwise)
:exclude: fields to exclude from tracking
Adds to model instance:
get_old_value(field_name) — old value of given field
is_changed(field_name=None) — is any field (or given field) is changed
changed_fields — changed fields dictionary with old values { field_name: old_value }
update_if_changed — context manager that updates object only if it changed inside context
[Warning!] Do not works with instances obtained with only()/defer(), because no post_init thrown
class Post(models.Model):
user = models.ForeignKey(User)
is_published = models.BooleanField(...)
# Variant one: update posts counter only if post created or is_published changed
@receiver(post_save, sender=Post)
def update_user_posts_count(cls, sender, instance, created, **kwargs):
post, user = instance, instance.user
if created or post.is_changed('is_published'):
published_old = not created and post.get_old_value('is_published') == True
published_new = post.is_published
user.count_posts += int(published_new) - int(published_old)
# Alternative: update posts counter only if it changes
@receiver(post_save, sender=Post)
def update_user_posts_count(cls, sender, instance, created, **kwargs):
with user.update_if_changed(['count_posts']):
published_old = not created and post.get_old_value('is_published') == True
published_new = post.is_published
user.count_posts += int(published_new) - int(published_old)
def get_field_value(obj, field_name):
"""Returns field value by field name"""
field = obj._meta.get_field(field_name)
return getattr(obj, field.get_attname())
def make_tracking_fields_list(obj):
"""Generate list of model fields for tracking"""
if only:
return only
return [ for field in obj._meta.local_fields if not in exclude]
def make_fields_snapshot(obj, fields):
"""Make fields snapshot {field: value}"""
return {field: get_field_value(obj, field) for field in fields}
def store_fields(obj, update_fields=None):
u"""Store or update snapshot of tracking fields"""
if not update_fields:
obj.__fields_snapshot = make_fields_snapshot(obj, make_tracking_fields_list(obj))
obj.__fields_snapshot.update(make_fields_snapshot(obj, update_fields))
def compare_with_snapshot(obj, snapshot):
"""Compare fields snapshot with current obj fields and returns dict {field: old_value}"""
return {
field: old_value
for field, old_value in snapshot.iteritems()
if old_value != get_field_value(obj, field)
def decorator(cls):
# To store old values
cls.__fields_snapshot = {}
def get_old_value(self, field):
"""Returns old value of given field"""
return self.__fields_snapshot.get(field)
cls.get_old_value = get_old_value
def is_changed(self, field=None):
Returns True if given field was changed
If fields is excluded from tracking returns False always
If field is not specified returns True if any tracking field was changed
tracking_fields = self.__fields_snapshot.keys()
if field and field not in tracking_fields:
return False
return any(
self.get_old_value(f) != get_field_value(self, f)
for f in ([field] if field else tracking_fields)
cls.is_changed = is_changed
def get_changed_fields(self):
"""Returns changed fields as dict {field: old_value}"""
return compare_with_snapshot(self, self.__fields_snapshot)
cls.get_changed_fields = get_changed_fields
cls.changed_fields = property(get_changed_fields, doc="Get changed fields dict {field_name: old_value, ...}")
def update_if_changed(self, fields=None, commit=True, update_changed_only=False):
Context manager for update object only if given (or all tracked) fields was changed
*fields* list of fields to track for changes or all default fields if None.
If no changes in given fields inside context, no save occur
*commit* if False nothing happens, useful for create model methods with 'commit' argument
fields = [] has same effect
*update_changed_only* if True django update_fields will be used for update only changed in context fields
WARNING! It can brake logic with auto-calculated fields on pre-save
with post.update_if_changed(['title', 'description']):
post.title = get_new_title()
tracking_fields = make_tracking_fields_list(self) if fields is None else fields
if not tracking_fields or not commit:
# Make new fields snapshot
fields_snapshot = make_fields_snapshot(self, tracking_fields)
changed_fields = compare_with_snapshot(self, fields_snapshot).keys()
if changed_fields:
if update_changed_only:, update_fields=changed_fields)
# Update snapshot
self.__fields_snapshot.update(make_fields_snapshot(self, changed_fields))
cls.update_if_changed = update_if_changed
# Store field values on init
def _post_init(sender, instance, **kwargs):
models.signals.post_init.connect(_post_init, sender=cls, weak=False)
# Reset stored fields on save
def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
save._original(self, *args, **kwargs)
# Check update_fields param!
store_fields(self, kwargs.get('update_fields', None))
save._original = = save
return cls
return decorator
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