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UNOFFICIAL list of the most common commands and FAQ for


This isn't all the commands. Not by a long shot. These are, however, the ones you may end up wanting to know and the ones most frequently asked about. There is a frequently asked questions list at the bottom.

##Money and Stores

/econ - How much money in zingas you have
/pay {PLAYER} {AMOUNT} - Pays player an amount of money
/iteminfo - Gives you the information for creating a shop about the item in hand
###Example of making a Chest Shop: Put a chest down. Put the item you want to sell (or have people buy) in the chest. Put a sign on the block above the chest. The sign should have a blank first line (it will be filled in by your name). The second line is the amount sold/bought per click. The third line is the amount you want to sell and/or buy for. The fourth line is the item's id or alias. For example:


means that each time a player right-clicks on the sign ABOVE the chest, they buy one block of dirt for 10 zingas. If they left click, they SELL one block of dirt for 5 zingas. More info can be found at Herocraft Online

##Miscellaneous /lag - show current lag
/modlist - What moderators are currently on
/modreq - Submit a request to the moderators for help. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO GET A MODERATOR'S ATTENTION.
/sethome - Sets your home spawn location
/home - Free teleport home

##The Dynamic Map The Dynamic Map is at

/dynmap hide - hide you on the dynamic map
/dynmap show - show you on the dynamic map

##Chat Commands /afk - toggle afk (away from keyboard)
/ch {NAME} - join channel
/ch leave {NAME} - leave channel
/ch qm {CHANNEL} {MESSAGE} - send message without leaving active channel
/ch who {CHANNEL} - who is on that channel
/ch info {CHANNEL} - channel info. If no channel given, your current channel is used.
/msg {PLAYER} {Message} - sends private message to player
@PLAYER {Message} - sends private message to player
/r - chat on private channel with player who last messaged you
/ignore {PLAYER} - toggles ignore

##Locks /cinfo - how many locks you have
/climits - what the locking limits are
/cautoclose {ON|OFF} - sets whether or not a door will autoclose.
/lock - lock something
/unlock - unlock something
/cpassword {PASSWORD} - create passworded protection
/cunlock {PASSWORD} - open passworded protection
/cremove - remove a protection


###Town Resident /resident - shows resident screen
/t friend add {ONLINEPLAYER} - adds online player to friend list
/t friend add+ {OFFLINEPLAYER} - adds offline player to friend list
/t friend remove {ONLINEPLAYER} - removes online player to friend list
/t friend remove+ {OFFLINEPLAYER} - removes offline player to friend list
/t clearlist - clears friend list
/town withdraw {$} - Removes money from town bank.
/town deposit {$} - Adds money from player to the town bank.
/resident tax - shows the tax a resident pays

###Town Information /town - shows town info screen of town you belong to
/town here - shows town screen of town you're standing in.
/town leave - Leaves a town.
/town list - Lists towns.
/town online - Shows players in your town which are online.
/resident toggle map - shows map as you move from plot to plot

###Town Teleports These will cost you zingas.
/town spawn - Teleports you to your town's spawn.
/town spawn {town} - Teleports you to another town's spawn.
/town outpost {NUMBER} - teleports you to town outpost {number}

###Claiming part of a Town /plot claim - claims plot that is for sale
If you want to create a town, you should be familiar with the commands by READING THE DOCS.
Seriously. If you can't figure out the documentation for the commands, you may not be ready to run the town yet.
Towny Command List

##Frequently Asked Questions

Read The Rules: MyMineCraft Rules

###How do I make a grinder/I want help making a grinder? Read a tutorial
Watch a tutorial

###Will someone give me {ANY ITEM}? Probably not. You can ask, but don't ask over and over again. This is Minecraft. Go make it.

###How do you make {ANY ITEM}? Search here for the answer

###How do I make money?

  1. Vote once a day at these sites
  2. Sell stuff at the admin shop or at other shops in town
  3. Do work for other players/sell stuff to other players directly.
  4. Become a sponsor or upgrade your account

###Can the moderators teleport me to/roll the server back for me/replace this item? No, no, and only if the moon and Venus are aligned just right and Great Cthulhu is rising from the blocky waves.

###I've been banned? What do I do? The ban appeal process is covered in the rules

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